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I’m back!

Six weeks of Teen Wolf to get caught up on, starting now!

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10 word story

No one ever talks about going on their last date.

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Bedroom Monsters Series

With his series entitled "Terror", the photographer Laura Fauvel offers a superb illustration of kids nightmares materialized. Recalling the famous monster hiding under the bed, these pictures show talent and imagination with this legend and staging brave children face their fears.

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you know you’re dedicated to a fic when the first kiss is 33 chapters into the fic :’)

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"If they can learn to say Tchaikovsky and Michelangelo and Dostoyevsky, they can learn to say Uzoamaka."

- Uzo Aduba’s mother proving that the idea of not being able to pronounce a POC’s name because it’s “too hard” or “too complicated” is complete bullshit and actually just laziness. (via cosmicspread)
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"My only regret is that
I didn’t tell enough people
to fuck off."

- My 92 year old grandma. (via coffeestainedheart)

155 Words to Describe an Author's Tone 


What is tone?

Tone refers to an author’s use of words and writing style to convey his or her attitude towards a topic. Tone can be defined as what the author feels about the subject. What the reader feels is known as the mood.

Tip: Don’t confuse tone with voice. Voice can be explained as the author’s personality expressed in writing. Tone = Attitude. Voice = Personality.

Tone (attitude) and voice (personality) create a writing style. You may not be able to alter your personality but you can adjust your attitude. This gives you ways to create writing that affects your audience’s mood.

The mechanics

Tone is conveyed through diction (choice and use of words and phrases), viewpoint, syntax (grammar; how you put words and phrases together), and level of formality. It is the way you express yourself in speech or writing.

How do you find the correct tone?

You can usually find a tone by asking these three questions: 

  1. Why am I writing this?
  2. Who is my intended audience?
  3. What do I want the reader to learn, understand, or think about?

In formal writing, your tone should be clear, concise, confident, and courteous. The writing level should be sophisticated, but not pretentious.
In creative writing, your tone is more subjective, but you should always aim to communicate clearly. Genre sometimes determines the tone.

Here are 155 Words to Describe an Author’s Tone

by Amanda Patterson

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Christ in an absolute row boat the second one makes me throw my arms up and swear sacrilegiously. 

"i don’t want to write this fanfic i want to fucking read it"

- a novel not written by me (via kingxxxwizard)